Mumble instructions

by Rudd-O last modified 2013-05-10T22:49:36+00:00

Updated and comprehensive mumble indstructions. :D

Configure Mumble:

  • Download and install the mumble client:
  • Connect to the server ""
    The server is not in the list, so you're going to have to add the server there.
  • If everything is working, you should see various channels.

Access Token:

  • Click "Server" (top left) then "Access Tokens" then "add," and use the password we gave you along with this page
  • Join the "Decline to State/Studio" channel (requires the access token).

Push-to-Talk: (recommended)

  • Click: "Configure" then "Settings" then "Shortcuts" then "Add"
  • Change the "function" to "Push-to-Talk", set the Shortcut key.
  • Optionally check "suppress" (please note this 'disables' the key while mumble is running).
  • Then go to "Audio Input", and select Push-to-Talk mode.