Show #9: August 05 2012

by The Decline to State team — last modified 2012-08-06T00:36:23+00:00
Contributors: JamesCarlin, E7ernal, JasonToastytime, RuddO, Azlinea
Effective communication of liberty ideas; non-violent communication; real-time relationships; neuro-linguistic programming; how to detect and avoid negative frames; the drain of time that is political and religious conversations; moralizing in the context of conversations; cat pictures on the Internet; why people defend government actions; Livestockholm Syndrome and family-based attachment to abusive entities; being and remaining calm to win the point; Penn Jilette and Rachel Maddow; the Against Me argument and other ways to triage and persuade people; how to disassemble pre-scripted conversations; calm vs. desperate demeanor when discussing ideas about liberty; tactics to communicate effectively with people of different political persuasions (liberals, conservatives); nice buildup to an upcoming intellectual poverty / property conversation; OSHA regulations; Environmental Pollution Agency; economics and optimization arguments; marriage "rights"; ethical judgments; picking and choosing your morals from the Bible (or the Law); anarcho-communism, propertarianism, Hoppean rules of property and aggression.

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