Show #11: August 12 2012

by The Decline to State team — last modified 2012-08-13T00:25:43+00:00
Contributors: JamesCarlin, JasonToastytime, RuddO, shiinee, RonaldMcPaul
Addressing the fears of people posing questions; Somalia / Love it or leave it / What about the rodes? How a stateless society achieves protection against wars; a fear-based conception of the world; people want to be good, and evil people abuse that tendency; is it possible to go to war as a company without the legitimacy of a government? how to prevent monopolies? monopolies in the field of arbitration; how to solve the mass pollution problem; what happens when no company wants to arbitrate a pollution case? what if people need a social institution to relieve their natural-born inclination towards violence? AUTHORITAY and the effects on the child (and adult's) mind; the consequence of archoexceptionalism produced by this upbringing; George Carlin's last rant; most people don't naturally want to be ruled violently, and we know this because an elaborate propaganda campaign is used to distort their reality; revolutions as reality breaking through the distortions of reality; charter cities and Civcraft; how different property systems can peacefully coexist in different civilizations.

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