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Show #14: August 22 2012

by The Decline to State team — last modified Aug 23, 2012 11:43 PM
Contributors: ZommoZ, RonaldMcPaul, RuddO, E7ernal, ttk2, Stefan Molyneux
ttk2 showcases his Civcraft creation, where people come together to engage in the great pastime and challenge of Mankind: civilization. And, of course, special guest Stefan Molyneux from Freedomain Radio fame joins us, openly declares that he, too, Declines to State, talks about democracy, how people manipulate instead of addressing arguments, how the indoctrinated mind suffers pain when exposed to truths, intellectual poverty, the disaster that is education, Brett Venoitte, mutualism, libel and slander, daycare and malevolent daycare workers, the challenges of fomenting the free market, raffles a book that jscoppe won, and he introduces his documentary to our audience.
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