Show #17: September 05 2012

by The Decline to State team — last modified 2012-09-08T19:52:53+00:00
Contributors: RonaldMcPaul, RuddO, Kwashiorkor, Wrong_Opinion, Jeffrey Tucker
The one in which we discuss shaving, Bitcoin, Bitcoin "fair-bet" casinos, Bets of Bitcoin, futarchy, Romney's unfortunate tax returns extortion scandal and blackmail politics, eh, politics. Jeffrey Tucker from Laissez Faire Books joins us and talks to us about many other topics: what the State is and the reality of the State; the power of the Internet in communicating human liberty; the threat that the mercantilism of intellectual poverty represents to freedom and humanity; how the world is managed by regulatory cruft; how home appliances are coming under attack by the State; Mexicoke!; the failure of the State system of education; the nonsense that is passed off as "philosophy" in collegiate levels; people walking away from the "education" scam; Rebecca Black's Friday; Laissez Faire Books and running a successful business by publishing the commons; drinking and winning; transhumanism; Jeffrey Tucker goes full-on bizarro! Hans-Hermann Hoppe's new book "The Great Fiction".

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