Show #20: September 16 2012

by The Decline to State team — last modified 2012-09-18T06:03:37+00:00
Contributors: RuddO, RonaldMcPaul, E7ernal, JasonToastytime
The Decliners get together to discuss the topic of agorism; peaceful interactions against the rules of the State; tipping cash as a form of agorism; Bitcoin, Silk Road and other forms of pseudonynous or anonymous value exchange as a form of agorism; reputation in interactions; Ron on Live Cams; prostitution and choosing your relationships voluntarily; Las Vegas, Hamburg and prostitution; the exploding unemployment of minorities; schools and how increasingly honest they are in conveying the fact that they are prisons for children; how home educators are agorists; how having unabused, smart kids is central in replacing the State; "truancy" as a made-up crime that really means "your kids cannot be on the street, and if they are, we'll take them away"; is voting immoral?; the odds of dying going to the voting booth compared to the odds of influencing the election; voting as a popularity contest; how pointless is it to pay attention to the "news"; how people watching "news" do it for feel-good and comfort; the older generations and their complicity in the current state of the world; negative emotions and how they impede personal growth; pointing out the thuggery of the State; methods of agorism that you can practice; adolescents smoking pot before class.

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