Show #22: September 23 2012

by The Decline to State team — last modified 2012-09-27T01:40:11+00:00
Contributors: Walter Block, JasonToastytime, WrongOpinion, shiinee, JamesCarlin, NinKenDo, RuddO
The Decliners get together with Walter Block to talk about his book, attacks to Ron Paul, the deontological ethics of running for office, his counterattacks to libertarians who criticized Ron Paul, free speech absolutism, defending the indefensible, legal slavery contracts, and the traditional bizarro mode; how voluntaryism is not perfect; people getting State benefits and their refusal to accept voluntaryism; how archoexceptionalism favors State solutions; statism and the same religious traps of "Godvernment is wonderful"; attacking fantastic State solutions; voluntaryism doesn't provide what people want, it's just a framework to help them attain that; the real problem that voluntaryism solves; "post-voluntaryism" lollercoaster; solutions to proXblems in a voluntaryist framework.

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