Show #29: November 11 2012 with Jordan Harbinger

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Contributors: RonaldMcPaul, JamesCarlin, JasonToastytime, Jordan Harbinger
In this episode, DtS discusses the most interesting type of voluntary interaction of, and finds out just how much proper dating technique and voluntarism have in common. As it turns out, a lot. ------- Ronald McPaul (please excuse over-saturated audio) invites long time hero, Jordan Harbinger, of both PickUp Podcast ( and The Art of Charm school ( to chat with Decline to State about teaching men how to get the girl, for a living. He even drops some good insights on the show. Jordan is passionate about teaching 'social dynamics' and not letting his clients settle for the first girl that shows them interest; the goal is unapologetically going after what you want. ----- JamesCarlin and ToastyTime join. James shares how the 'seduction community' is actually what helped him reach the voluntarist community. James goes far to help the audience connect the dots between these two big life approaches. Toast shares his interest in education and gets some good feedback from Jordan about the greater applicability of these communication skills.

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