Web designer: Decline to State needs you now

by Rudd-O last modified 2012-11-22T06:58:05+00:00

And we mean in a professional sense.

As you can probably see, we have a problem with our Web site: while we are happy with the structure of the site, the look and organization of information in the front page is incredibly generic and boring.  We need to spruce it up.

Although none of us has any professional design experience, we sat down and had a design session to wireframe how we want the front page to look like (http://i.imgur.com/vu8hY.png).  This is, of course, very raw -- but it displays the most important things that we want to highlight for our front page visitors to benefit from.  Of course, this wireframe is absolutely open to revision -- if you can present a superior design that addresses our concerns (we can share them with you at length), we'll be more than glad to hear you tell us.

What we are looking for:

  • We need a visually appealing design for the front page that fulfills our needs (to wit: the most important things about our show must be front and center, above the fold, elegantly displayed, memorable, engaging, and easily accessible).
  • We need a formal specification of fonts and sizes.
  • We need the grid layout formally specified.
  • We need appropriate imagery and sensible color palette.
  • It would be a plus if you can specify (that is, tell us) interaction elements that would make the site more memorable, appealing or engaging.

What we're not looking for:

  • Since we'd be able to transform that into the requisite HTML and CSS, we don't particularly need help doing this part.  Having said that, we would prefer if you can show us prototypes of the design in an actual Web page, rather than just a PNG or Illustrator image.
  • We don't need help with technical stuff like WordPress plugins, hosting, CMS technology or extra functionality.  We're good on that side, and we'll develop the extra functionality incrementally later.  The design is what we want right now.

Of course and obviously, we'd be willing to sit down with you and discuss compensation (monetary and/or otherwise) if you're willing to help us and form a professional relationship to get this (and future projects) done.  This is not a huge project, but we expect to have an ongoing relationship with you for future site design improvements.

Are you interested?  Please contact us here!